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Unlike the physical symptoms of a broken bone or toothache, our brain’s warning signs of imbalance may be experienced by fatigue, stress, poor concentration and sleep disturbance.  The Inner Rhythms’ team educates clients on brain function, creates a “blueprint” for success from our assessment process, and offers state-of-the-art brainwave regulation training and resources for clients.  Our professional team utilizes the latest technology coupled with over 79 years of combined experience in the areas of Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, and Brainwave Regulation Technology.

We believe that increasing one’s awareness of how their brain controls every thought, feeling, and action on a daily basis, will motivate clients to regain control of their brains and in turn, improve their overall health, productivity, and happiness.  Our team blends decades of personal experiences with education, offering a safe, comfortable and trust environment to be honest and develop a realistic plan for success.

The objective component of the SUOB assessment process identifies areas of the brain that are under or over activated with respect to brainwave activity.  These imbalances are directly related to common “symptoms” we experience and our assessment process helps individuals understand “why we do what we do, think what we think, and feel what we feel.”  The subjective component identifies individual strengths, weaknesses, learning style, personality, cultural and world views and spirituality concerns that most people overlook when doing brain training.  Both groups of data are compared and discussed with each client and help our team create an individualized plan for change.

Our practice is pro-active, not reactive.  We do not diagnosis one’s problems, but offer “realistic solutions” for changing one’s brain function, which directly relates to everyday life.  Therefore, one’s energy can be applied to improving the brain’s “balance” not fighting a label or diagnosis.   We encourage you to call or email us for a complementary tour of our office and to get to know our staff.

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