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Inner Rhythms was created as a response to the growing potential that brain imaging and regulation can bring to the field of Psychology. Founder, Kyle Ferroly, of the A Light of Hope, LLC company, set out the test the effectiveness of a Sound Therapy audio program his clients were currently using.

Kyle wanted objective "proof" that brainwaves were indeed being changed, and became trained using the EEG machine (electroencphalograph) to measure brainwave activity. He then became certified in Neurofeedback and studied brain mapping with great interest.

In 2008, Kyle joined South Street Clinic. Immediately, Psychologist Anne A. Weston, Ph.D. became Inner Rhythms' clinical director, following with Psychologist and Neurotherapist Al Wilson, Ph.D. heading up the research and development of the brainwave regulation services and programs.

In 2009, Alex Sanchez, a qEEG expert joined the company, bringing his teachings and experience from pioneer, Joel Lubar, Ph.D. to the company. Alex's expertise allows the Inner Rhythms Company to offer full qEEG brain mapping capabilities.

In 2011, the company began a transition from Neurofeedback & Biofeedback training, to focusing entirely on the qEEG Brain Mapping Assessment. It was quickly evident that this qEEG Brain Mapping Assessment could be taken out of the clinical world and offered to the general public, which has widened the scope and focus of the company to educate anybody on mind-brain balance, who wishes to increase their productivity and happiness in their daily life.


Kyle S. Ferroly, M.S., MAEPH, BCIA-EEG
Founder & Neurotherapist
Kyle created the Inner Rhythms Company after realizing how brain mapping can help explain common symptoms of stress, anxiety, focus, sleep, etc. Kyle is certified by BCIA.ORG, a national regulation board for Neurofeedback.

Anne A. Weston, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
Dr. Weston's expertise as a Clinical Psychologist has taken the Inner Rhythms Company to the next level with her 25+ years working with Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, and other related mental health conditions. Here doctoral thesis was done in Bio-feedback, the field which Neurofeedback was later developed from. Anne is the Clinical director of the Inner Rhythms and conducts Psychological evaluations when needed.

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